Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Postal

At last I make my first post.  Years ago someone I don't admire so much mentioned that she was blogging for hours every single day.  She seemed pretty pleased about it.  I immediately imagined a drab diary on the internet and couldn't understand why to bother, and why anyone else would be interested.  What a failure of imagination!  I have only myself to blame for not investigating further until quite recently.   A few months ago I stumbled on blogs while searching for free knitting patterns and reviews of yarns, and what beautiful, detailed blogs they were.

I'm hoping to regularly "go postal."  It can be added to the list of other things I'm hoping to do as some sort of routine.  For instance, I will weed the strawberry bed regularly enough that it will take only moments a week instead of the hours on end at the beginning of the gardening season.  This is one of the many gardening "I wills" that I hope will come to some fruition.  Here you can see the half completed bed and it's promise of juicy July delights.

It is especially nice to see these plants upright and seemingly happy about Spring given the odd weather here earlier this week.  We set a local record for late snowfall.  Happily, the plants seem not nearly as confused as people about how to forge ahead despite their weird surroundings.

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