Friday, September 23, 2011

Cool Pool

Hi all, posting again! I couldn't deny the requests for pool photos and so here she is. Please imagine me chillaxin' in the lounge chair, wearing something breezy.

Perhaps you're feeling a little bit jealous? You can almost smell the wisteria and subtle scents from the other beautiful plantings? You can hear the laughter and the splashing? You can taste the fun? Worry no more, jealousy does not need to inhabit your world. It is COLD baby, no one but the stupid chipmunks are getting in the pool.

And they get in quite regularly. At first I was thinking we should leave lights on at night so that they wouldn't stumble in during the dark hours. Turns out they go in during the day, just too busy gathering food to notice the drop-off to the pool of doom. We'll be closing the pool next weekend, to reopen around Memorial Day. And then perhaps you can let in a smidge of jealousy. Alternatively, you can come visit and enjoy it yourself.

What, you came here for knitting content? (right, I'm sure you're all super interested in my knitting).  In the knitting world there is lore of the boyfriend curse. Knit him a sweater and he will quickly find the door, a hat and he'll defenestrate (jump out the window). I've felt some guilt over the years for not knitting up a little something for Ken, I should at least sometimes pretend this is not an entirely selfish hobby. But there is the curse, and the fact that Ken doesn't wear sweaters or hats or scarves. Still, after me hounding him some he said he could maybe see using some fingerless mitts and hopefully showed me a picture of what he thought he might like. I got my hands on some nice sock yarn and went to work. Verdict?

There was no defenestration. However, you might note that is not a man's hand in the glove. "Too itchy" claims Ken. Phew, divorce avoided.

The specs: Hedgerow Mitts by Amy Ripton. Shibui sock, 1.5 skeins of "seaweed."

This was an uncomplicated pattern, I may well do it again in a less itchy yarn. I'm not a big fan of pooling but the effect here is moderate enough not to be a bother. I'm thinking Michigan autumn soccer momming might require mitts such as these and so in all it is a happy knit.

Happy Friday all.

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